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LiteSheet™ expands Brik product line for tough damp location installations

Bedford, VA, February 2, 2016: LiteSheet Solutions LLC announces the MET Labs approval of its E2 Brik product line. The approval means that the E2 Briks are certified to the Underwriters Laboratories (UL) standards for installation in damp locations. Featuring the LiteSheet patented BriteCor AC Direct LED technology, that requires NO POWER SUPPLY to drive the LEDs the standard Brik product line is a market leader – using less power and requiring no maintenance over its 15 year lifetime. ...

Litesheet Releases 277 Volt Versions of Brik and Stik Series – Tested to UL Standards

Bedford, VA, January 23, 2015: LiteSheet Solutions LLC announces that MET Labs approval has been granted for operating the Brik and Stik series of AC Direct lights at 277 Volts.  The MET approval means that the luminaires have been tested and passed the Underwriters Laboratories (UL) test specifications for replacement and new installation LED light fixtures. The LiteSheet product line was originally approved for 120VAC operation by MET labs in 2013.  “In working side by side with our industrial and commercial...