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The 15 Year Warranty Story - How LiteSheet Achieved the Impossible in LED Lighting

It all started with asking “Is it possible to make an LED luminaire that will last longer than the standard 5 years that everyone else is offering when used in the most demanding conditions? Can we eliminate the maintenance costs of failing DC LED drivers and produce a high-quality light lasting greater than 200,000 hours?”

Get to work

We went to work to answer those questions. We started by asking even more questions about reliability, manufacturing quality, thermal control, and electrical design. Clearly the DC driver with electrolytic capacitors had to be eliminated, but how to do that and still drive LEDs? And, if you design out the DC driver, how would you reliably and efficiently drive those LEDs, still meet UL and DLC requirements, and produce a luminaire that would last greater than 15 years? And, who would buy it, finding value in never having to “change a light bulb” again? And, if that wasn’t challenging enough, could you manufacture it 100% in America?

Can we do it?

Long hours of engineering, out-of-the-box thought sessions, countless design validation tests and re-tests, an unyielding standard to quality manufacturing and business operations all working in concert to produce the greatest LED lighting technology on Earth. That’s what would be necessary and that’s what we committed ourselves to accomplish.

Executing the Plan

Ten years since that initial question, LiteSheet’s BriteCor AC Direct LED technology is indeed the greatest LED lighting on Earth. 100% engineered and 100% manufactured in America our LED luminaires deliver the best efficiency, longest lasting performance in the industry.

Our non-prorated warranty is backed by Sentry Insurance against both manufacturing defect and operation per the product specifications for the entire 15-year warranty period. The commitment that we have to that 15-year standard guides everything we do, from engineering design to how we order parts. To how we perform incoming inspection to how we manufacture our electronics on our own production lines in Virginia. To how we perform in process inspection to full luminaire burn in and test and to how the product is delivered. Every step in the process matters, every step is monitored, every luminaire is manufactured with care.


That is how a 15-year non-prorated warranty is achieved. Superior technology, eliminating the weak link of DC drivers, achieving long L70 by not stressing the LEDs, and creating a world class manufacturing process with a world class manufacturing team. That is how you get the backing of one of the most trusted insurance underwriters in America.

If Edison only knew that one day LiteSheet truly would create a better light bulb and deliver on the promise of LED lighting.

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