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Not All LED Lighting is Created Equally

The BriteCor AC Direct Advantage - The Greatest LED Lighting on Earth

When selecting an LED lighting technology, it is important to understand that not all LED lighting is created equally. Both the LED driver life and the lumen output lifetime (L70) of the luminaire must be considered.

Understanding LED Driver Life

The Department of Energy reports that LED DC drivers are the number one failure point of LED lighting [LED luminaire lifetime: recommendations for testing and reporting, Third Edition (Department of Energy (DoE), United States, 2014)]. Driver life is determined by the lifetime of its weakest component- the electrolytic capacitor. At an operating case temperature of 85C, electrolytic capacitors used in LED drivers only have an average lifetime of 25,000 hours, with some as low as 15,000 hours. LiteSheet was determined to invent and commercialize a LED luminaire that would last greater than 15 years of continuous use.

Out of LiteSheet’s efforts BriteCor AC Direct Technology was born. It is truly the greatest LED lighting on earth and vastly superior to conventional DC driver LED technology. 100% Made in the USA with solid state components rated to 125C with an MTBF of 450,000 hours and no electrolytic capacitors, BriteCor delivers unrivaled reliability in LED lighting.


Understanding Lumen Output and L70 LED Lifetime

LiteSheet’s BriteCor AC Direct Technology advantage does not stop there! All light sources are at their brightest the first time you turn them on- from that point forward they grow dimmer. L70 is when the luminaire reaches 70% of its original light output. When the light reaches L70 it should be changed. Clearly, it’s desirable to install a light that maintains its light output for as long as possible to reduce maintenance costs and improve light quality and safety. The BriteCor AC Direct light engine incorporates a redundant meshed LED array, and each individual LED in the light engine operates at 20 to 40% of its rated drive current, meaning the LEDs operate more efficiently and with less heat, resulting in a much longer lifetime of constant lumen output. Delivering L70s greater than 250,000 hours (compared to 50,000 to 100,000 hours for conventional LEDs), LiteSheet’s BriteCor AC Direct Technology is simply the best LED technology on the planet.


Greatest LED Lighting Technology on Earth

The bottom line: embedded with BriteCor AC Direct Technology, LiteSheet’s luminaires have an expected lifetime of 50 years, are backed with a non-prorated 15-year warranty, and deliver L70s greater than 250,000 hours. This means LiteSheet products are luminaires you will install and never touch again. No failures, no driver replacements, no tube replacements. Ever.

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