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When selecting an LED technology and manufacturing partner it is important to understand that not all LED lighting is created equally.

There are three components to a LED luminaire.

When considering fixture lifetime, both the L70 rating of the LED and the driver life must be considered. 

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The DOE reports that LED Drivers (above) are the number 1 failure point of LED lighting.  Driver life is determined by the lifetime of its weakest component - the electrolytic capacitor.  At an operating case temperature of 85C, electrolytic capacitors used in LED drivers have an average lifetime of 25,000 hours with some as low as 15,000 hours.

Here are two examples showing commonly used electrolytic capacitors and their specifications - 

JayKal Vari-Watt Drivers:

JayKal G2 Retrofit Kits

jaykal EC.png

Osram OTI LED Drivers:

Lithonia Troffers

Osram EC.png
Jaykal EC specs.png
Osram EC spec.png

Fixture lifetime must consider the lifetimes of both the LEDs and the driver.  System construction, along with ambient temperature, figure heavily into fixture lifetime.

LiteSheet’s BriteCor AC Direct Technology is vastly superior to conventional DC driver LED technology.  100% made in the USA with solid state components, BriteCor delivers unrivaled reliability in LED lighting.  

Examine these two images.  The image on the left is LiteSheet’s BriteCor Adaptive Control Module.   All solid state, engineered with components rated to 125C with a MTBF of 450,000 hours, and no electrolytic capacitors.  
The image on the right is a standard DC driver found in all DC LED luminaires.  It’s right out of the 1950s, complete with failure prone electrolytic capacitors.  These DC drivers typically have a stated lifetime of no more than 20,000 to 50,000 hours and typically fail long before that because of capacitor failure.


LiteSheet AC Direct Adaptive Control Module

  • 100% Made in Virginia

  • All solid-state components

  • All have a life of 45-50 years

standard Driver.png

Acuity 2x4 LED Panel Light Driver

  • All made in China

  • All use electrolytic capacitors

  • All have a life of 3-5 years

Based on capacitor Tc of 85C, LED driver lifetimes are limited. 

Dirver Lifetime chart.png

LiteSheet’s BriteCor AC Direct Technology advantage doesn’t stop there!  With a redundant meshed LED array, each individual LED in the light engine operates at 20 to 40% of its rated drive current, meaning that the LEDs operate more efficiently and last much longer.  Delivering L70s greater than 200,000 hours, LiteSheet’s BriteCor AC Direct Technology is simply the best LED technology available.  In comparison, the average L70 for LEDs using conventional DC Drivers is 50,000 hours to 100,000 hours.

L70 LED Lifetime

  • The brightest a light will ever be is the first time you turn it on, it gets dimmer from that point on

  • L70 is when the light is delivering 70% of its original light output measured in hours

  • Time, drive current, and temperature determine when an LED reaches L70

L70 LED Chart.png

The bottom line: embedded with LiteSheet’s BriteCor AC Direct Technology, our luminaires have a lifetime of 50 years, are backed with a non-prorated 15-year warranty, and deliver L70s greater than 200,000 hours. This means LiteSheet fixtures are luminaires you’ll put up and never touch again.  No failures, no driver replacements, no tube replacements, ever.