At the heart of LiteSheet’s dimming technology is SmartCor™. SmartCor™ is a unique carrier line encoding system that allows the use of the existing AC wiring in the building to be used as a way to transmit a 0-10VDC signal. SmartCor 0-10VDC devices can be connected to any third party 0-10VDC dimming source and allow smooth dimming of LiteSheet’s suite of LED lighting products. SmartCor is not a wireless technology and does not present security risks associated with other wireless LED dimming technologies.

What are SmartCor’s Advantages?

  • Works with any standard 0-10 volt lighting control signal

  • Patented technology that can provide dimming control signals to LiteSheet fixtures over existing power lines

  • UL listed

  • Wall Mount, Jbox or Din rail mountable devices are available

  • Dimming is smooth over the entire brightness range (as low as 5%) – no low-end adjustment needed for brightness adjustment

  • 100% factory tested

  • RF and EMI Silent – No Worries about affecting sensitive electronic devices

  • No Security Risks- SmartCor encoding dimming signals are not accessible from outside devices. The signal is contained within the wires of the buildings. No worries about 3rd party access to critical building network systems, exposing client database theft.

  • Low THD and High Power- SmartCor™ dimming technology has THD of less than 20% and power loads up to 2000 watts per lighting circuit.



The SC Module, when added to a LiteSheet Luminaire, allows dimming of the fixture on a circuit that is controlled by LiteSheet's proprietary dimmer.

Spec Sheet


ZT schematic.jpg

The ZT Module, when added to a LiteSheet Luminaire, allows dimming using standard 0-10v dimmers.

Spec Sheet