OEM Partnerships
for Success

Whether it is a technology licensing agreement, an off-the-shelf lighting fixture, or a unique custom product, the LiteSheet team can help with an array of brilliant solutions. 

The LiteSheet AC Advantage is an OEM Advantage

LiteSheets innovative and ingenious approach to LED lighting looks at product development from the "inside-out." Our platform is built to achieve long life and reliability. By driving LEDs at only 20-40% of their rated capacity and completely eliminating electrolytic capacitors we have create an LED light engine with a life expectancy of 50 years. Our light engines beat conventional DC LED drivers in total cost of ownership and deliver constant and consistent light output--and every light engine is backed with our industry-leading 15-year non-prorated warranty. 

We eliminate the DC LED driver used in conventional LED Light engines with our Adaptive Control Module (ACM) using all solid-state components and none of the electrolytic capacitors that are prone to fail in conventional DC drivers. LiteSheet's AC Direct LED technology delivers a Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF) of 450,000 hours or 50+ years. This is the same measurement used by NASA and the US Government Department of Defense for high reliability applications. 

  • Our AC Advantage delivers several advantages for OEMs--

  • Elimination of the problematic failure-prone driver

  • ACM life at 450,000 hours or 50+ years

  • Only LED light engine with 15-year non-prorated warranty

  • ETL recognized components for simple implementation into fixtures

  • Meets DLC standards for luminaires

  • Lowest total cost of ownership-40% less than DC drivers

  • Maintenance free, reduced wiring and installation cost

  • EMI/RF silent

  • 0-10V controls and dimming

  • Extremely efficient--up to 164 lumens/watt

  • 100% Made in the USA and BAA compliant


The AC Revolution Delivering Success for OEMs

LiteSheet Solutions is not your ordinary LED lighting company. We are a technology company that has traveled "the LED lighting path not taken" by innovating lighting technology and products on the driverless AC operating platform. Because our approach to lighting is "from the inside-out", we make a brilliant OEM partner. Our revolutionary AC-Direct technology platform coupled with our engineering competencies and servant-leadership approach to customer service, allow us to build products, license technology, or provide components to OEMs and other manufacturers with intelligence, speed, and flexibility. 

Our Design/Build Advantage for OEMs

LiteSheet’s design/build capabilities are among the best in the industry. Since 2012, LiteSheet’s inventive technical team has been shaking up the lighting industry’s assumptions by ushering in a new approach to LED lighting. LiteSheet’s next generation of LED technology is creating sustainable, secure, and scalable solutions for both end-users and OEMs.

Our servant leadership partnership philosophy is grounded on the premise that all our innovative solutions start with the customer. Whether it is one of our 400+ off-the-shelf products or a customized solution, LiteSheet believes that our technology, products, and components should deliver excellent performance, energy efficiency, and maintenance-free lifetime operation. 

LiteSheet’s AC-Direct LED lighting offers both internal and external lighting solutions for industrial, commercial, manufacturing and warehousing, hospitality, medical, educational, transportation, roadways, tunnels, parking, office, and retail applications. 

Featuring several form fit sizes, wattages, and voltages, LiteSheet offers an endless number of custom design options. Customization is our strong suit. The flexibility designed into LiteSheet’s high performance LED fixtures, “Plug and Play” lighting kits, LED Board assemblies, and adaptive control modules (ACM) open a world of AC-Direct lighting possibilities. 

See our AC-Direct Light Engine Summary Chart and imagine the type of lighting solutions a collaboration with LiteSheet could deliver for your business. 

Imagining the Possibilities
Achieving Reality 

From a tunnel lighting project that delivered a simple “plug and play” LED lighting retrofit with minimum traffic interruption and increased light and safety levels to a custom architectural solution that delivers 170 feet of continuous light making a landmark statement, the LiteSheet team is here to solve the toughest lighting challenges and fulfill the wildest lighting dreams. 

Our revolutionary AC-Direct technology and our design/build team are on hand to offer you several OEM solutions. Whether it is a technology licensing agreement, an “off the shelf” lighting fixture, or a unique custom product, the LiteSheet team can help with an array of brilliant solutions. 

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