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Certificate of Compliance

LiteSheet Solutions products are manufactured in the USA and meet the requirements established under the Buy American Act. All of our manufacturing occurs in our Forest, Virginia plant, and our processes include production of light engines (adaptive control modules and LED boards) on our SMT lines, final assembly, test, inspection and order fulfillment to our customers.

Buyers should be aware that other lighting manufacturers are assembling fixtures in the USA and claiming to be BAA. These claims are false and subject to penalty. To qualify as BAA lighting fixtures and components (drivers and LED boards) have to be fundamentally transformed as defined by the U.S. Customs Department. Fundamental transformation does not include screwdriver assembly as claimed by most lighting manufacturers. LiteSheet is the only lighting manufacturer of LED light engines that are Made in USA: each made on our SMT lines in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

LiteSheet Solutions is proud to be an American manufacturer. We are the leader in LED lighting technology with our patented AC Direct technology and are the only LED lighting manufacturer who can claim that their LED light engines are 100% MADE IN THE USA of domestic and imported parts.

Our goal is to be a company you are proud to do business with. And, we will continue to work hard every day to keep your trust.