Virginia Tech completes testing of LiteSheet UV-C Disinfecting Cabinet against SARS-CoV-2

Test results show a 99.97% reduction of the virus that causes COVID-19



Featuring the brand new UV-C LED Disinfecting Cabinet

The LiteSheet LED UV-C Disinfecting Cabinet is designed to decontaminate contents from harmful viruses and bacteria while providing a safe environment for the workplace. By optimally positioning UV-C LED modules inside the cabinet to eliminate blind spots, contents are disinfected within minutes. Additional safety features include a digital timer and an interlock cabinet door to ensure the UV-C modules cannot be powered on until the cabinet door is securely closed. Controls include On-Off Power, timer control, safety door interlock, and in use LED indicator.



Brilliance Through Simplicity is the cornerstone of LiteSheet’s culture. It is woven into every product we make and every lighting solution we develop. It is how we communicate with customers, designers, specifiers, contractors, engineers and end-users alike.

Our game-changing technology rests on the simple “AC Advantage”— long lasting, energy efficient, driverless, AC-direct LED lighting and dimming solutions that are revolutionizing the lighting industry and the markets we serve. We are the first to deliver patented, commercially viable and available AC-Direct lighting technology. We are so sure of its reliability that we’ve backed it up with a first in the industry 15-Year Non-Prorated Warranty from Lloyd’s of London.

We believe great products don’t have to be complicated. We created BriteCor LED Luminaires and SmartCor LED Dimming Systems that are simply brilliant. By eliminating the driver from our light engine, and by running on an AC Direct circuit, we’ve taken out the failure points and delivered more efficient and reliable LED lighting to the marketplace.

LiteSheet is Brilliance Through Simplicity.



Imagine an innovation in LED lighting design that eliminates the primary cause of product failure – the DC power supply. LiteSheet’s groundbreaking BriteCor™ light engine does exactly that! BriteCor uses AC current to directly power a redundant mesh of LEDs; completely eliminating the need for DC drivers and all of their drawbacks. The driver and the mesh components of BriteCor are modular and scalable, so they can be adapted for any application and lighting configuration. Our patented BriteCor technology is at the heart of every luminaire manufactured by LiteSheet.


Proudly made in the USA of domestic and imported parts. 

Buy American Act Compliant

Located in Bedford County, Virginia

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BriteCor is an industry shifting patented technology that eliminates points of failure and has paved the way towards AC Direct innovation. The AC current powers the driver and mesh components, making LiteSheet products modular and scalable. The Adaptive Control Module removes the power supply and made possible the first-ever driverless technology. The current technology is highly efficient and produces 165+ lumens per watt. BriteCor also balances light voltage and eliminates expected degradation.



LiteSheet has a state-of-the-art SMT manufacturing center located in Virginia. Every LiteSheet product is subjected to continuous testing to ensure it meets our reliability standards. All products are tested to stringent UL and DLC certification processes. We deliver world-class products to our customers.

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